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Building Your Team: How to Avoid Blocks in the Recruitment Funnel

Nothing is more frustrating than having a potential employee disappear before recruitment begins. If interest drops between the application submission and the in-person interview, you should fine-tune your recruitment funnel. Uncovering why your potential hires “ghost” you before they even meet your hiring manager can save you time and help you hire the right people for the job.

The Gift of Gab

Nick Federoff likes to talk about landscaping and gardening, so he made it a career. After several years of working as a landscaper, he discovered a passion for public speaking when he filled in for a host on a gardening radio show in southern California. “I figured that was going to be my 15 minutes of fame, and I was going live on that forever,” he says. Nick’s 15 minutes of fame is still going strong after 36 years, and he is still as passionate about it as when he began.
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